6 x GTX 1080 RIG SET


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Recently built and fully tested. This will outperform AMD based systems in nearly all algorithms while using less electricity and keeping cooler. Built with our custom frame for better airflow, stability, and durability.

Intel Pentium Dual Core
4GB RAM/Memory
6 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Cards
128GB Solid State Drive
Custom frame
1300W 80 Plus Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro

Main algorithms and speeds

Zcash – 3200 H/s
Ethereum only – 140 MH/s
LBRY – 2160 MH/s
Groestl – 267 MH/s
X11Ghost – 81 MH/s
CryptoNight – 3480 H/s
Lyra2REv2 – 279 MH/s
NeoScrypt – 6300 KH/s
Blake (2b) – 12900 MH/s
Blake (14r) – 19800 MH/s
Pascal – 7500 MH/s
Skunkhash – 219 MH/s

The system is set up and ready to mine auto switching between the most profitable algorithm (paid in bitcoin). Just send us your bitcoin address and we will update it before shipping. This can also be set up to mine just Ethereum, Zcash or any other GPU mining algorithm.