PandaMiner B1 Plus GPU Miner Supported include PSU


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The most powerful GPU-integrated miners which support mining of multiple altcoins! The PandaMiner is currently the only GPU model in the world that supports multi-currency mining including ETH, Zcash, XMR. It hits a speed of 230MH@1380Watt for ETH mining, 1160SH@1100watt for Zcash mining which makes it undoubtedly a pioneer machine in the field.

Algorithm: GPU miner, ETH, Zcash and XMR are supported.
GPU: AMD RX480 x 8
Hash Rate: ETH: 230MH/s @ 1380w | Zcash: 1160 SH/s @1100w | XMR: 5865 H/s @ 1057w
Fan: 9 x fan
PSU: > 1500w with 6pin x 7
Warranty: 180 days